These are some of the greatest rivalries in all of sports - or at least American sports.  Having attended a Boca Juniors vs River Plate match in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I can attest that there are soccer rivalries that are probably more intense.  Regardless, the below match-ups are the best of their kind.  Dodgers-Giants is the greatest in baseball, and that site includes a comparison to Red Sox-Yankees.  UCLA-USC pits the nation's top two athletic departments against each other in 19 different sports, often with national championships on the line.  Michigan-Ohio State is simply the best rivalry in college football - and maybe the best in all of college sports, and all of football.  Lakers-Celtics is the greatest championship rivalry in professional sports while also hosting the two best one-on-one duels in team sports: Wilt vs Russell and Magic vs Bird.  USA-USSR is the ultimate Olympic rivalry, showcasing on an athletic stage what was the dominant geopolitical rivalry of the twentieth century.  The One-on-One page lists the best mano a mano match-ups in MLB, NBA, and NFL history.  If you're so inclined, you can write to me.


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